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Always stay informed about latest news in medicine, health and life sciences. Participate and bring in your own knowlegde.

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The knowledge revolution is the answer to how scientific facts and discoveries can be shared using modern communication technologies. gives science daily facts, life sciences, latest science and technology news, medical information, facts from articles about health, health news and medicine articles.

It’s helps you to take a quick overview on published articles directly on conclusion, results or abstracts with the link direct to the referenced article.

Facts in comes from science articles, science news, current science journal, science journals, articles about health, medical journals, and articles from scientific research. helps you to search your interests by science topics.


Search for topics and people. You will get facts based on your search criteria.


Swipe through a list of facts to discover what is new and interesting. Comment, rate and share what you see.

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Frequently asked questions

What is is an intelligent search engine that lets you search for documents and data (your keywords) in almost any source system appending of your interests and your choice of data sources. Get news from medicine and health, biology, molecular biology and other life sciences about the topics you want from trustworthy sources. Participate and bring in your own knowledge. You will get notified about news, you can write your own facts and find interesting people. Because you can get the news you need and become part of a growing community of like-minded professionals. There are more than 1300 topics and 4000 journals. Get facts by selected topics and its journals. Stay up to date with science news with!

What kind of information can i find on

At the moment provides its users with news about knee surgery and relates topics. This will be extended to many other research areas in the future.

Whats the advantage of using delivers high quality content from trusted sources. In contrast to other similar apps, verifies its users and discourages creation of anonymous profiles.

Which platforms are supported?

Currently we support iOS (versions >= 8) and Android (versions >= 4.4) devices.